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Devious Journal Entry

Love Mystery- Chapter 1

     Nino was walking down the hallway looking for a quiet room to get away from it all, when he heard an angelic voice coming from one of the rooms. He slowly opened the old creaking door to the room, walked in and saw a man sitting at the piano at the other end of the room. This house has been abandoned for years....since when has he been here?, thought Nino. "Hm..... maybe I should just leave." As he walked out he heard the man's voice again. Trying  to walk away from him was the hardest thing to do. "Um.... excuse me?" said Nino curiously. The man stood up from the shock of Nino's voice. "Who are you?" said the mysterious man. "I'm Kazunari Ninomiya but you can call me Nino, Nice to meet you." The man started to walk towards Nino. "Hm... Nino. Im Satoshi Ohno.Nice to meet you as well." Satoshi shook Nino's hand gently. Nino smiled softly. "Oh! I wanted to ask this. Um how long have you been here?" Satoshi look at him. "I just found this place and its oldness had a certain charm so I've been here ever since." He walked back to his piano. "Haven't you been lonely this whole time?" asked Nino sadly. "Well no....I guess I've gotten used to having no one like this." Satoshi let out a big sigh, then started to play the piano again. Nino just sat there and listened throughout the night and they talked and sang together and learned many new things about each other. It seemed like they've been the best of friends for ever. It was getting late and Nino checked his watch. "Oh man! Sorry Satoshi i gotta go it's late and everyone must be worried." Nino said frantically. "Oh well i get to see you again....right?" He looked at the man. He's been alone for so long now and it must be hard on him to no have anyone to count on or anything.... he could just come back with me to my house but we hardly know each other and he might think im weird.  "Hey would you like to come back with me to my place? I have a lot of space and I even have a piano." said Nino hopefully. Satoshi's eyes started to tear up from happiness. Nino was surprised to see the man crying, maybe he hasn't gotten an offer to stay with anyone fro a while...or even to have a friend like this. They finally made it back to Nino's house where his friends awaited for his return. Once Nino opened the door a tall crazy man flung himself onto Nino. "Nino!! Your back!!" said the crazy man. The other man sitting on the couch stood up. "Welcome back Nino." said the quite man with a newspaper in his hand. "Thanks guys." Nino said with a smile. "I missed you so much Nino!!! Where were you this whole time?!" said the crazy man as he wrestled Nino to the ground in a playful way. " Hey come on get off please." said Nino as he tried pushing the man off. "Hey Nino who's that?" said the man with the newspaper. "Oh yea!" Nino got up and walked to Satoshi who was still in the doorway. "Everyone this is my friend Satoshi. Satoshi this is Aiba the crazy one," "Oi~ Nino-chan" Aiba said as he punched Ninos arm. "Nice to meet you I'm Aiba Masaki." Aiba bowed and shook Satoshis' hand. "And the other one is Sho." Sho stood up and walked over to Satoshi. "Hello. Nice to meet you im Sho Sakurai." Sho also shook Satoshis' hand and walked back to his spot on the couch and continued ot read the paper. "Ah... It's nice to meet you both I'm Satoshi Ohno." Satoshi bowed. Nino looked over to see Satoshi's who was overjoyed. "Oi, Satoshi I wanna show you something. Come with me." Nino pulled on Satoshi's arm and took his hand. He lead him to a room full of different instruments, but the .piano was the first thing Satoshi saw. His eyes went wide. "Wow! That is the most beautiful piano I've ever seen!" Nino walked over into the room still pulling Satoshi with him. "You can play it anytime you want." Satoshi looked at Nino. "Really? I'm so happy to have a friend like you." Now Satoshi was on the verge of tears again from Nino's generosity. "Oh...Satoshi...come on please don't cry again." Satoshi started to walk away. "I'm sorry. I'll be going to my room now." He couldn't help but let the tears flow down his face. For some reason Nino felt something weird going on with him. He thought Satoshi's crying face was quite adorable. As Satoshi was walking away Nino caught his arm and pulled him back to him and hugged him tightly. Satoshi wiped his eyes. "Ni...Nino?" Nino looked at Satoshi's face and he was blushing. Nino couldnt help it anymore. Nino leaned in and kissed Satoshi's lips. 




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